where in Italy
where in Italy

Indication where our small holyday residence is located in Italy; for orientation.

piana crixia
Piana Crixia

Short description of the village Piana Crixia on the border of Luguria and Piedmont.

country estate Pian del Nasso
estate and surroundings

Details of our country estate and the surrounding area.

area and its people
area and its people

Characterisation of the population, regional economy and the local customs.

south of Piedmont
south of Piedmont

Short description and characterization of the southern Piedmont region.


Short description, highlights and features of the Ligure region.

flora en fauna
flora and fauna

bBrief overview of the flora and fauna on the estate and the surrounding area.


The weather you can expect in our region throughout the seasons.

afstanden en reistijd

Distance table with travel time to major cities and airports nearby.